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Real estate located in Mio,Michigan!

We are located in MIO, which is the county seat for Oscoda County. This area of about 576 square miles is one of the least populated counties in Northern Michigan and offers a variety of outdoor activities. It is blessed with thousands of acres of public land and, of course, the AuSable River. The more populated area are Mio, Fairview, Luzerne, Comins, Red Oak and McKinley. These communities all originated from the lumber era and contribute to the population which is approximately nine thousand county wide. With the approach of winter many of the citizens head for the warmer southern states, which results in a lower number of permanent year-around residents, but spring finds them happy to be back.

Among some of the many activities to be enjoyed are hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, golf, horseback riding, canoeing, and hiking. The vast woods is host to numerous wildlife species, with the whitetail deer and the wild turkey being common sights. Our office can provide the opportunity to be a part of the community. Whether you needs are a get-away or a permanent residence, we are here to serve all your desires. Our expertise can open a new world to you.

When looking to buy a home, our office, Detrich Real Estate, will guide your way through the process. Detrich Real Estate’s commitment to customer service, is here to do what we do best, help sellers sell their home, help buyers buy, and help ensure a trouble-free move. Detrich Real Estate represents the integrity, honesty, care, hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence, every buyer or seller is looking for.

Noman L. Detrich - Broker
Paul D. Madison Officer - Manager/Agent
Michael Thomson - Agent
Mike Carmichael - Agent
Sherry Martell - Secretary/Agent

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