Arenac | Bay
Towns Include: Auburn, Au Gres, Bay City, Pinconning, Standish


Arenac (Au Gres, Standish)

  • Bay City State Park - MAP - 517-667-0717. I-75 to Beaver Rd East, 5mi to state park


Bay (Auburn, Bay City, Pinconning)

  • Pinconning Park - MAP - Pinconning, 517-893-5531. I-75 to Pinconning Exit. E on Pinconning Rd to Saginaw Bay.
  • Bay City River Walk - MAP - 517-893-1222. Bay City Downtown Saginaw River, Midland Street
  • Bay Hampton Rail Trail - MAP - 517-893-1222. Downtown Bay City between N. Johnson and 1st, Hampton Township


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