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Waugoshance Light
Photographed by: Penrose Photography

Location:.Lake Michigan off of top of Lower Peninsula, Michigan. 17 miles west of Mackinac Bridge.

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Driving Directions: I-75 to C-81 East to Wilderness State Park. Approximately 1 mile from the park. It can be reached by boat.

In 1832 a lightship was stationed at this area. In 1851, it was replaced by this conical brick shoal. This light was made obsolete by the White Shoal Light and was deactivated in 1910, and 2 years later it was abandoned. It now stands in ruins as one of only three lights having a "birdcage" lantern room. This light is extremely endangered, as the elements threaten its existence.

The Waugoshance Shoal is also renown for its haunting tale. During the 1800's, it was kept by John Herman, who often enhanced his job by heavy drinking. It is surmised that one night while in a stupor, he locked his assistant in the lantern room as a practical joke. It is believed that he fell into Lake Michigan and was never seen again. After that, many of those assigned to keep the shoal were terrified into refusing the assignment. Some were said to have had their chairs kicked out from underneath them should they have fallen asleep, and there was even one report of coal found shoveled into the boiler with no one around.