Five Stars - Golf Digest

The St. Ives Golf Course near Stanwood is rated 5-Stars, the highest rating Golf Digest awards. It is one of only eleven golf facilities in the United States to receive this rating. This intriguing course is a marvelous roller coaster ride that darts around lakes, across rivers and through hardwoods. In tandem with St. Ives, the newly designed Tullymore Golf Course is a remarkable Jim Engh creation. This is a course that looks like you scooped it up from Ireland and carved it into a Michigan hillside.

As you tee up at St. Ives you stand amid the quiet beauty of Michigan's glacier carved highlands. Overlooking a Lake and surrounded by woods you sense that you are part of another mellenium. Wetlands, bridged and undisturbed, become part of your play, colorful and challenging accessories to the bold and dramatic St. Ives. The highly recognized St. Ives is undeniably an honest day's golf in a heavenly setting.

9900 St. Ives Drive   Stanwood, MI  49346

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St. Ives Golf Course
North Central

Weekend Rates:
$90.00 Rating: 73.3
Weekday Rates:
$78.00 Yardage: 6,702
Holiday Rates:
$90.00 Slope: 140
# of Holes:
18 Lodging: Yes