XCENT ASP Diagnostic Script Version 3.0.1

ASP Server Information
Item Information
Server Namewww.northernmichigan.com
Script Name/Membership/XcDiag.asp
Server ProtocolHTTP/1.1
Path Info/Membership/XcDiag.asp
Path TranslatedC:\inetpub\wwwroot\NorthernMichigan\Membership\XcDiag.asp
Server DateTime1/18/2019 6:36:09 PM
VBScript Engine Version5.8
VBScript Engine Build17045
Components on this Server
Component Type Installed Req Opt Information
AlphaSierraPapa AspTearHTTPNo X 
AspHelp Simple UploadUploadNo X 
AuthorizeNet SSLPostVSOPNo X 
AspSmart aspSmartMailEmailNo*  
AspSmart aspSmartUploadUploadNo X 
Dimac JMailEmailNo*  
Microsoft ADODBData Access6.1X The current version of MDAC/ADO can be download from www.microsoft.com/data/.
Microsoft CDONTSEmailNo* See FAQ Article 26
Microsoft FileSystemFSOYesX Applications cannot work with files in the same folder as XcDiag is running from. See FAQ Article 329
Microsoft ServerXMLHTTPHTTPYes X 
Persits AspEmailEmailNo*  
Persits AspUploadUploadNo X 
ServerObjects AspImageImagingNo X 
ServerObjects AspHTTPHTTPNo X 
ServerObjects AspMailEmailNo*  
SoftArtisans SA-FileUpUploadNo X 
Verisign PayFlowProVSOPNo X 
Note: a * in the Required column denotes that one of the supported components of this type is required.
Summary Information and Recommendations
Item Information
Microsoft ADODB/JETIf there are JET databases being used on this server, it is recommended to make absolutely sure the very latest Microsoft JET libraries are installed. See FAQ Article 336
ServerObjects ASPMailThe version of ASPMail that is installed on this server is known to have some problems and it should be upgraded to 3.52 or later.
Email ComponentAll XCENT web server applications require a valid email component to be installed and functional. Your web server does not appear to have any such components. One of the supported email components will need to be installed on the web server.
Upload ComponentMost XCENT web server applications will require an upload component in order to enable certain options. If you want to be able to upload files through your web browser to the application(s), you will need to install a supported upload component on your web server.
Imaging ComponentSome XCENT web server applications can use an imaging component to generate image thumbnails, resize images, or other advanced effects. If you want to be able to take advantage of such additional features, you will need to install a supported imaging component.
HTTP ComponentThis web server appears to have at least one HTTP component installed. You may need to verify if the application you want to use supports the HTTP component that is installed.
VSOP ComponentThis server does not have any supported Vendor Specific Online Processing components installed. See FAQ Article 338.
Minimum RequirementsThis web server does not seem to meet minimum requirements for most XCENT web server applications.

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